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Hello there :> I am Adel Kelemvor Di Grivaldi Abraxas Solstice (Adel Solstice for short :P) And I like Bandmaster Online, well, not really like, more like a hobby, no wait, just a past time....Oh who am I kidding I FREAKIN LOVE THIS STUFF X3

I enjoy taking pictures of me and my daughter and other people's BM characters for keepers and sharing.

I've been a deviant for 4 years now, most of the time inactive, and half the time, just browsing other people's work. Although I want to submit my own art, I don't have any tablet or means to share it online (taking a picture of them on paper is really crappy).

Anyway, I live in the Philippines with my daughter Christie (She plays as Cristie in BM Online, I know its freakin original) And I recently heard the news about BM in other countries dying out the same way as O2JAM, which is such a shame as the game is really great. No sooner had I heard that, our Updates here in PH stopped, and rumors started circulating that Bandmaster might shut down soon.

With that final straw, I finally decided to use my DeviantART account as a tribute to the game and upload several of the pictures in my storage, in hopes of preserving memories should Bandmaster actually shuts down.

To whoever took their time to read this. Thank you for spending your 1 minute and 15 seconds on me, I really appreciate that :D



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Adel Solstice
Just another Deviant...go figure.

I don't make art, but I examine yours ;)

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thanks for the fave!
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